Saturday, October 8, 2011


I enjoyed being a facilitator in the "Step-Teen" series. That stands for Systematic Training In Effective Parenting- with Teens. One session was devoted to saving childhood from extinction, which I added into the regular outline. Because childhood has neither a past or a future, kids live in the present. This "here and now" interval of development occurs only once, so it's crucial for parents to give their children blissful experiences. Happy adults carry around cheerful childhood memories throughout their lives, wherever they go, well into old age. This seed is planted only in childhood. Pre-school/Pre-K Fun Based Learning Games

Making our children's lives too materialistic is detrimental. We can give our children the most by giving them the least. Many parents have witnessed a climbing tree, empty cardboard box, tiny green worm, or lightning bug delight children more than a high-priced toy ever could.

Happy adults appreciate the free and natural things around them. This enjoyment is learned in childhood. Allowing our children's misbehaviour to go without consequences injures them. As a child, when my father redecorated my bedroom, it meant he built a bookshelf. Today, saying "Go to your room!" won't allow a child to think about his/her wrongdoings if the bedroom is "redecorated" with an air conditioner, color TV set hooked up to several hundred TV cable channels and games, stereo, Nintendo, Pokemon, and computer games. Happy adults comprehend the logical connection between making a poor choice and its negative consequences. This awareness is discovered in childhood.

Save on a Parents Magazine Subscription At Magazineline.comWe must insure our children receive the best education possible. Children who learn to read and write well in school will enjoy life more. Happy adults are intrinsically motivated to learn after their formal schooling has ended. This lifelong learning begins in childhood.

Yes, we carry much of our childhood with us. Acting young helps us stay young...I'm going outside to play. Find A Date Today!

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